Friday, April 1, 2016

BUCK ROGERS (1981) "The Golden Man" TV Guide Ad

Here's another TV Guide ad for the second season of Buck Rogers In The 25th Century, specifically the episode, "The Golden Man," complete with misleading and titillating ad copy!

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  1. Buck's second season started off really promising with the 2-part episode which introduced Hawk, but then it all went downhill really quick. Even giving Twiki back his proper voice and putting Wilma in spandex again wasn't enough to make some season two episodes watchable.

  2. Buck Rogers was never more than pure escapism. The 1'st season was mostly T&A and the 2nd more a kiddie show.
    Like a lot of Space 1970 shows it has not aged well. Nevertheless I keep the entire series and sometimes engage in "Guilty Pleasures" -such as a Buck Rogers or Logan's Run marathon.

  3. I love how how it's a sketch and not a photo... back in the days when network TV was still a 'thing'.

    Paul W.

  4. I watched my box set again a few months back, don't remember this story