Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November's Space Babe: Grace Lee Whitney

November's Space Babe is the lovely Grace Lee Whitney as Captain's Yeoman Janice Rand from the original, classic Star Trek. Beautiful in a beehive and short skirt, competent and professional, Janice Rand's tenure on the U.S.S. Enterprise was comparatively brief, but undeniably memorable.

Born Mary Ann Chase in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1930, Whitney was a talented singer and actress who brought some sex appeal and glamor to the first season of the seminal sci-fi series. She left the show during the first year, but returned to the franchise several times, appearing in most of the "classic cast" films, including Star Trek - The Motion Picture. She also appeared on the spin-off series Star Trek: Voyager, reprising the Rand role. 

In 1998, she published her autobiography, and she appears regularly at Star Trek conventions and autograph show.


  1. I always liked the episode when Rand was covered in POX and confessed to Kirk that she always tried to get him to look at her legs. What a woman!

  2. She was in an Episode of Voyager? Hmmmmm...

  3. I always preferred the original female uniform of pants and fitted velour blouse. It's a lot less cheesy than the mini-skirt they ended up with. Not to mention more practical.

  4. And she was on board the Excelsior in Star Trek VI.