Tuesday, November 8, 2011

SPACE: 1999 (1977) Original Comic Art By Pat Boyette

Here's the very nice cover painting by veteran comics artist Pat Boyette for the 7th - and final - issue of Charlton Comics' Space: 1999 color comic book, obviously based on the Second Season premiere, "The Metamorph."

Boyette was a Charlton workhorse, drawing countless pages for the Derby, CT publisher for over twenty years. He created the Peacemaker character for the company, and also drew several adventures of the Phantom and Flash Gordon - among dozens of other characters/titles. In addition to being a fine cartoonist, Boyette was also an actor, writer and filmmaker. He passed away in 2000.


  1. I had the first issue of the Peacemaker! I would have forgot all about it...

  2. I used to collect Charlton war comics and recall that Pat drew many stories in all the titles offered.Wasn't aware of his passing so thanks for the info Chris.

  3. I remember one of the stories inside showing Maya changing into a fire extiguisher to hide from a threat. Now, she changed into some pretty plastic looking aliens on the show, but she wasn't supposed to be able to change into something inorganic ( which was a plot point in the wretched episode "The Beta Cloud". Obviously the writers at Charlton hadn't gotten the memo about that!

    Ironically, I sent in my money and subscribed to the Charlton comics series just in time for them to cancel it. Fortunately for me, they were nice enough to send back my $5.00 bill with a note saying "Sorry". Some people would've just pocketed the five bucks and shrugged.

    Try sending a $5.00 bill to a business through the mail nowadays!