Wednesday, November 9, 2011

FLASH GORDON (1980) International Posters

Click for larger view
Here are a few foreign theatrical posters for Mike Hodges' 1980 Flash Gordon that I haven't shown here before. The two variations above are (I believe) from Thailand, and each feature somewhat different artwork from the U.S. and U.K. posters... while the Japanese variant below features a unique collage of painted art and publicity photographs.

As I've said many times, Flash Gordon is one of my favorite movies from the Space: 1970 era, and I love discovering new "artifacts" like these from the film.

Oh, and by the way - when I was replacing missing photos here on the site the other night, I added a new pic of Ornelia Muti's Princess Aura to her "Space Babes" post. Check it out!


  1. man these are badass

  2. We had the top poster at our local cinema way back then, only the writing was in English, and as a pubescent kid just discovering the delights of the opposite sex, I really wanted that poster for the scantily clad Princess, but the cinema manager would not let me have it. Something similar happened with the Jedi lobby cards. I got given all they had barring the one of Leia in her slave outfit. I think the cinema manager was a bit of a perv, and just wanted the naughty images for himself. Thanks for sharing these images.