Tuesday, November 1, 2011

SPACE: 1970 - Year Three Begins

Today marks the second anniversary of the Space: 1970 blog. Over the past two years, I've written around 450 posts (give or take a few) about the science fiction films and television shows - and related memorabilia - of the 1970s and early 80s. It's been an interesting experience - especially discovering so many other people out there with the same sort of affection and nostalgia for those programs.

I'm also amazed at how many 70s sci-fi treasures have been unearthed since I launched this blog. Starcrash and Battle Beyond The Stars on Blu-ray disc. The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman on DVD. The Gene Roddenberry "Pax" pilots, the Man From Atlantis, Message From Space, Thundarr the Barbarian - all of these have only just become available in the last couple of years on authorized DVDs. When I started this site, I only wished that I could see most of those again, and now I have them on my shelves.

I've wondered, on occasion, just how long I could keep this site going. But, as there are still so many topics I want to discuss, articles and reviews that I want to write - and so many new (to me) 70s genre artifacts that I keep stumbling upon - I'm sure I'll be able to keep it going for a good while yet.

Well, at least another year, anyway.

So, thanks to everyone who stops by Space: 1970 on a regular basis, for your enthusiasm, encouragement, and good manners. It's nice to have a place on the 'net where material like Far Out Space Nuts, Quark, Jason Of Star Command, Buck Rogers and even Starcrash, can be discussed without condescension and snark. I greatly appreciate it.

(Now, I'll be spending the night hunting down and replacing - if possible - each of the missing images from early blog posts that were lost in last month's hacker assault. Sigh.)


  1. Thank YOU for researching and posting all this stuff. I check the site every day and look forward to seeing something from my past or something new to love.

  2. Dittos to what T' said. I make my "sweep" of fave sites several times a day, and this one is right up there with Plaid Stallions and the Powys Media Space:1999 sites as my faves to see something new/old on!

    Roll on, Space:1970 Year 3!

    (the future/past is STILL fantastic!)

  3. Happy 3rd birthday. Love this blog.

  4. Where else could the character Hawk from Buck Rodgers be featured as a cover model? I had my formative years in the seventies and cut my teeth on these shows.

  5. Happy Blogiversary! (And thank you continuing to produce one of my favorite blogs)

  6. Congratulations on your third anniversary. This blog is one of my favorite destinations on the web and is the perfect companion to the boxes of old sci-fi magazines that I occasionally drag out of the basement!

  7. Dude, keep it up. I've just hired an interior decorator to remodel my living room in to a 70's vision of the future, thanks in part to inspiration from this blog.

  8. I have mightily enjoyed your blog and it has been a good reminder of how superior my childhood was to the generations that came after. As bad as the 1970's were in general, it was the last decade where kids still got to use their imagination.

    Hey, we had to use it to forgive the wires showing in the special effects, the cheap sets, and the absence of CGI. Video games in the home had not gotten sophisticated (Pong and its clowns are what I remember) and VHS was only just starting to penetrate the market.

    Kids these days have everything on demand and pre-imagined for them. That is nowhere as fun as we had it.

    So thanks for the blog!

  9. what patrick said!

    Looking forward to visiting this site daily.

  10. Happy Anniversary! I'm relatively new to this site but, being born in '71, I've had an absolute blast poring through all of your amazing posts. Needless to say, it's now in my bookmarks. Many thanks for the hard work and good memories, and many more years to come!

  11. Hey Chris, congrats on beginning Space:1970's sure to be fantastic third season, I'll be here as long as you are!
    I had a suggestion......would you ever consider spotlighting 1 day a month to give the members an opportunity to submit "1" Space:1970 centric picture/image that whomever felt like contributing thought might appeal to the entire group! I imagined a link to a photogallery of everyones contributions on a given day during the month, ( I don't know much about how these blog sites work or if something like that is even an option) or whenever you need a good hearty image post to give you a little more time to write up one of your articles, reviews or image drops. No text, just fun nostalgic pictures. You would ultimately be the arbiter of what worked within the parameters of the site as you envision it. If it worked it just seemed like it might be a fun way to bring an even funner sense of community to all of us that may be inclined to participate. I don't want to infringe on how you manage your site and I sure hope it's not taken that way, but I know I find images all the time surfing the net that I think you and the other like minded people here would probably really get a kick out of. And it could be fun to see the names of the members linked to the images they submit, kinda give everyone else an idea of the kind of stuff we're all into individually as well as a group. Again, just an idea, totally understandable if it's not something you'd be feelin'........

  12. Dusty - I've always welcomed contributions and ideas for the site from you guys. More than once I've featured artwork that was sent to me or brought to my attention by a Space: 1970 reader, and I'm always grateful when someone sends something cool my way.

    I always try to credit stuff sent to me. I may forget once in a while, but that's just because I'm a doofus.

    Most recently, I was able to feature a couple of vintage Season 2 Buck Rogers ads from TV Guide thanks to reader "Bishop37."

    I'm always looking for cool "Behind-the-Scenes" pix, rare promotional artwork or merchandise, and good-quality pix of our "Space Babes." Specifically, I'm still looking for good pix of Tamara Dobson from Jason Of Star Command, Jean Marie Hon from Ark II and Man From Atlantis, Katie Saylor from The Fantastic Journey, and Maggie Cooper from Space Academy.

    If anyone wants to send me stuff, feel free!

  13. Who is that "Birdman"? I remember he came from the "Bird Planet" where humanoids evolved from birds and not monkeys. I was always envious that I did not come from the Bird Planet as I would have loved having wings.

    Can you tell me the name of the TV series that this "Birdman" was in? I remember his character but cannot remember the name of the TV Show

  14. Merle; The character is "Hawk," played by actor Thom Christopher on the second season of Buck Rogers In The 25th Century, airing in 1981.