Friday, April 13, 2012

David Shleinkofer BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Gallery

The Young Warriors - and yes, that should be Starbuck instead of Apollo
As I wrote about here a few months ago, I've been filling in the holes in my collection of Berkley Books' Battlestar Galactica paperback novels, which were published until 1989. Between 1980 and '84, the primary cover artist for those paperbacks was David Shleinkofer. Here's a gallery of most of those cover paintings, sans obscuring logos and cover copy. Enjoy.

The Tombs Of Kobol
The Living Legend
The Long Patrol
Greetings From Earth
Experiment In Terra
Galactica Discovers Earth


  1. O.K., Ralph McQuarrie they're not, but they're still pretty good covers for mass-produced paperbacks. Only the first two books came here to the U.K., which is a shame. I would've collected the lot as a kid

  2. He seems to have a real obsession with the blasters. Only the last painting doesn't have one drawn and/or firing.

  3. Interesting that the blasters, at first glance, resemble Light Sabers...intentional???

  4. It still amazes me how long the Berkley series lasted. Fourteen books total is a pretty long run for something based on a cancelled TV show that only lasted one season (or two if you count Galactica 1980). As a lifelong fan of BG, it certainly was great to have these with so little else out there at the time.

  5. Super nice art work. I can see why back in the day, people collected paperbacks for the art alone. I had a friend that collected Conan novels for the Frazetta covers, but she also loved Conan/Howard.

    A while back I ran across a BG hard back copy of a book where the cover was done by Frazetta, I wish I had bought it now since I've become a Battlestar fan.