Thursday, April 19, 2012

News: OUTLAND (1981) Coming to Blu-ray in July

The 1981 space Western, Outland, directed by Peter Hyams and starring Sean Connery, Peter Boyle and Frances Sternhagen, is coming to Blu-ray disc in July, just in time for my birthday. Considering how crappy the 2007 DVD looked, I'm hoping for a full-fledged, HD remaster. Since Warner Home Video generally does a decent job on their catalog titles, I'm hopeful.

The plot is High Noon on Io, with Connery as a Marshall stationed at a mining colony, who finds himself pitted against both the corruption of the company running the colony, and hired assassins imported to kill him. Even though the story is familiar, I like the production design and miniature effects a great deal, and the cast does a solid, professional job with the material, bringing a lot of humanity and conviction to their stock roles.

You can preorder the Blu-ray (currently priced around $15) at Amazon: Outland [Blu-ray]


  1. Outland is one of my favorite films both for its western plot and it's plausible sci-fi setting. All the characters aren't young pretty-boys and starlets (Connery is acting his age in this one) the characters are well played even when a simple heavy who is there to get shot.
    As you note it all looks well made too.

  2. I haven't seen this in a really long time, but I just got a Blu-Ray player so I might need to check it out. Peter Hyams did a pretty competent job with Capricorn One and 2010, too.

  3. This is a great movie and is often overlooked. The tech and sets are almost Alien-inspired, because you can easily see the similarities in the industrial look. And with a High-Noon plot, pitting the Marshal against the bad guys, it does have a classic Western appeal. It's worth a watch.

  4. The production design - costumes, sets, and miniatures - are definitely Alien-inspired. In fact, it's not too difficult to imagine that Outland takes place in the same universe as Ridley Scott's film.

    (Obviously, they don't - but it's easy to pretend they do.)

  5. Love this movie, can't wait for the blu-ray which will hopefully be a great transfer.

    It's about time!