Sunday, April 8, 2012

News: THE INVISIBLE MAN (1975) Revised DVD Cover Art

Here's the recently released, revised (and presumably, final) DVD key art for the forthcoming complete series (12 episode) release of 1975's The Invisible Man, starring David McCallum and Melinda Fee, and co-produced by The Six Million Dollar Man's Harve Bennett.

The DVDs - and Blu-rays - from VEI Entertainment are supposed to be released in the U.S. at the beginning of May. The set can be preordered now from Amazon and other online retailers.

Pre-Order The Invisible Man - The Complete Series DVD

Pre-Order The Invisible Man - The Complete Series Blu-ray


  1. Hi will it be released on region 2 in the uk and how long will it be, or if not i will buy when it is released as we have a multi region player

    1. Hi I contacted the company releasing the DVD and Blu Ray to see if there would be a Uk release. Didnt get an answer,so I suppose that means No. And we Brits miss out again.

  2. I'm just glad this is a proper release (silver-backed) as opposed to those bloody overpriced DVDr cheapo ones (helooo, Warners!)

    THIS set I'll buy.

    (if I want DVDrs, I'll get bootlegs)

  3. To each their own, Tex. I have never had a problem with any Warners or MGM Manufactured-On-Demand discs, and the transfers have always been superior to any bootlegs I've ever bought, since they are sourced from vault prints. In some cases, Warners has even digitally remastered the material. (The Tarzan set they just put out looks gorgeous, and there wasn't so much as a hiccup on playback.)

    I'm also willing to bet that their duplication equipment and discs are of much higher quality than what your average convention bootlegger uses.

    As to the price - the Warner Archive and MGM DVD-Rs can always be found at reasonable discounts through online dealers. I usually buy mine through second-party dealers on Amazon.

    When you buy authorized discs (even MOD titles), the actors and other personnel get the royalties they're owed (providing their contracts provide for such), while buying from bootleggers profits no one but 'leggers themselves. The other reason I personally support the legal editions (even if they're burned-on-demand DVD-Rs) is because sales of MOD discs help the studios determine potential sales on other properties. Logan's Run, for example, was originally slated to be a Warner Archive MOD title, but the sales on other sci-fi properties through the MOD program (like Man from Atlantis) convinced Warners that it was worth the expense to mass-produce and mass-market Logan's Run.

  4. Shame David McCallum turned into a right-wing loonie 'cos he has incredible hair

  5. I enjoyed the series as a kid, so I'll be picking up this set. I definitely want to support these titles, so maybe we'll continue to see more from Warner and MGM.