Thursday, October 10, 2013

AT THE EARTH'S CORE (1976) Lobby Cards

Of all the John Dark/Kevin Connor/Doug McLure adventure fantasies of the Seventies, I think At The Earth's Core is my favorite. Mostly because of the presence of Caroline Munro, I admit, although I'm also grateful for Peter Cushing's inclusion in the cast.

I also enjoy the bizarro man-in-suit creatures created by the filmmakers to stand-in for the prehistoric beasties of Edgar Rice Burroughs' original novel. Their fanciful designs frankly delight me. I can only assume that the producer/director team of Dark and Connor chose not to use dinosaurs in Core order to differentiate this flick from their Time Forgot films.


  1. Agreed. These monsters were a change of pace from the usual T-Rex/Triceratops/Pteranodon formula.Not that I had a problem with The Land That time Forgot. In fact, along with The Last Dinosaur and the Bermuda Depths,All of the above were enjoyed by young me with family ,friends, and pizza on Saturday nights around the TV.

  2. My favorite scene is the part where Peter Cushing shoos away the dinosaur with his umbrella. I love the silliness of these Doug McClure films. I often wondered if they actually reviewed the scripts or effects to see if they were passable in front of an audience. The giant reptiles on strings were always good for a laugh.

  3. Saw this one back in the early 80's on late nite TV. Loved it then, and watch it today. I have a Mexican Lobby card from this great movie. I met Caroline Munro as a con several years ago and got her to sign it She was a very classy lady. She only had good things to say about Peter Cushing and Doug McClure. Blessed to have met her.