Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New BUCK ROGERS (1979) Soundtrack From Intrada

I haven't seen (or heard) this myself, but I understand that Intrada has recently issued a 3-CD Special Edition soundtrack containing the majority of music cues from the first season of Buck Rogers In The 25th Century, composed by Stu Phillips, Johnny Harris, Les Baxter and others. According to the company:
3-CD world premiere release of soundtrack music from Season One of cult sci-fi TV series starring Gil Gerard. Generous set features primary episode composer Johnny Harris, who also arranged & conducted numerous versions of Glen A. Larson theme music, plus episode scores from Les Baxter, Richard LaSalle, Stu Phillips. Styles of music emphasize exciting symphonic splendor and colorful sci-fi atmosphere, but listeners will also find some rollicking outer space pop sensibilitiy to balance. While show was broadcast only in mono, Universal fortunately elected to record in 1/2" three-channel stereo format with vivid, punchy dynamics. Engineers recorded with mono in mind but happily ensured stereo mixes were possible for internal needs. All rolls of tape were vaulted in pristine condition
It retails for a hefty $35 bucks - which is why I don't have it. But I really want it. And I'll want the Season Two set they're promising, too. Sigh...

It doesn't seem to be currently available from Amazon, but it can apparently be ordered directly from the Intrada website (where you can find a complete track listing, as well).


  1. I had the sound track to the theatal motion picture a long time ago. it was on audio cassette.

  2. It's almost worth the $35 for the Johnny Harris tunes on Disc 3, most notably Andromeda. I love electronic grooves!

    1. Andromeda was the first thing I thought of when I saw this. Space Rockers wasn't the best episode, but I love the music from the episode.

  3. I have three of the four CDs Intrada did for Battlestar (missed out of the second one, which is currently selling for ungodly amounts on ebay... stupid limited editions!). They do great work, in terms of completeness and sound quality, so I'm certain this one will be well worth the cost. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Outstanding! Thanks for mentioning this here - I just placed my order. As a big fan of the show, I have always dreamed of having a collection of that 70's disco action music heard throughout the series. I never thought it would actually happen though. Andromeda (also known as Odyssey), from "Space Rockers", is worth the price alone! A bit pricey but when you consider it is a 3-disc set, and it includes a nice booklet with complete notes and nice artwork, it's a great deal. It's also very fortunate that the music was recorded in stereo - this should sound amazing. The site has several tracks available for previewing, and they sound excellent. Very exciting news! They also said they are releasing season 2 later on.

  5. A 3-CD set for $35 works out just over $11 per disc, which is really not that bad in terms of general CD pricing. A lot of time, effort and money goes into projects devoted to older film/TV soundtrack projects, due to studio licenses, finding all the music elements, transferring these elements, mastering and more. It's worth supporting Intrada in their efforts, even for casual Buck Rogers fans, as everyone will find something to enjoy on these discs. Not just the rockin' Johnny Harries source cues, but a great Stu Phillips score to boot! :)

  6. The price is too high for me. My income is unsteady, and recent tax law changes in my state now make me ineligible for Amazon referral fees from this site - which have been my only income from Space: 1970, and my primary means of buying stuff like this.