Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Happy (Belated) Life Day!

Yesterday marked the 36th (!) anniversary of the much-derided Star Wars Holiday Special, which aired on CBS in 1978. Sure, I've kicked the bizarre variety special around some myself over the years, but I admit that I was watching it that night, sitting on the floor about two feet from the tube, and fourteen year-old me enjoyed the hell out of it. And if truth be told, whenever I pop in my bootleg DVD to torture the wife each holiday season, I still enjoy it.

Well, parts of it, anyway.

That awesomely strange cartoon, of course, introducing to the universe the intriguing Boba Fett. Some (very little, admittedly) of the domestic wookiee stuff. (And the Stan Winston wookie suits are fantastic and full of character.) Mark Hamill's heavy makeup. Harrison Ford, trying to stay in character and keep a straight face amid the nonsense. And I genuinely enjoy Bea Arthur's musical number - and whoever thought I'd admit that?

The less said about Carrie Fisher's singing, on the other hand, the better.

When the only Star Wars was Star Wars, (and the Marvel comics) even this bizarro Seventies artifact was something to look forward to and even celebrate. Have yourselves a happy (belated) Life Day and may the Force be with you, Star Kids!


  1. HAHA. LOVE IT! But right now, I want to hear Bea Arthur sing the Cantina Song.

  2. I still have nightmares about Harvey Korman pouring drinks into a hole in his head.

  3. I don't think ANYONE celebrates that particular day...

  4. The only part I remembered from watching it as a kid was the Boba Fett cartoon and the re-used Star Destroyer footage from the movie (that thrilled me, being starved for anything Star Wars back then). I had a mental block on the rest of it. That is, until I saw the RiffTrax version recently. That was a riot and I highly recommend it. Plus I think it's the only legit version you can buy.

  5. Here's wooking at you kid (ducks).

  6. I HAVE THIS...COMPLETE WITH THE COMERCIALS! They are the only thing that makes it watchable! I love this site. Happy Life Day Everyone! And more Space Raiders please!