Saturday, December 12, 2009

Space Babe: Maren Jensen

Maren Jensen as Battlestar Galactica's Lieutenant Athena. Personally, I was always disappointed that the producers of Galactica didn't do more with Commander Adama's gorgeous daughter. She should have been out flying reconnaissance missions alongside Apollo and Boomer, not stuck behind a computer console and playing Betty to Casseiopia's Veronica. And what the frak was wrong with Starbuck anyway? I mean Lauerette Spang was an attractive woman, I guess, but Maren Jensen was smokin' hot, with those smoldering eyes, exotic beauty and cascading dark hair!

A popular fashion model, the half-Hawaiian Jensen's acting career only lasted about three or four years, from 1978 through '81. Aside from Galactica, she also appeared on producer Glen Larson's The Hardy Boy/Nancy Drew Mysteries and in the Wes Craven horror film Deadly Blessing. Unfortunately, she was struck by illness in the early 80s and retired from show business. According to the IMDb, she eventually recovered, but never returned to performing.

When I was fifteen, I thought she was one of the most beautiful women I'd ever seen - and, you know, I still do.


  1. Oh, yeeeeaaaaahhh. Blame our blonde-obsessed culture.

  2. She was so damn hot even as a little kid watching BSG I was wowed by her. Why did they not use her more?!

  3. My faves at the time were Maren Jensen and Pamela Sue martin from Nancy Drew.

  4. Ah, they were my favourites as well (along with Erin Gray). Had a poster of Maren Jensen on my wall, cut out of a British kids magazine called 'Look-In'. Great stuff