Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Only 23 shopping days...

Don't worry - I won't be doing one of these posts every day until Christmas. I just wanted to share this Wishbook catalog page from 1976, featuring a bunch of cool Space: 1999 toys - including my beloved Eagle Transporter!

I really wish I'd been able to get the laser gun and comlock! (Click on the image for a larger view.)


  1. I got the LaserGun and Comlock set. The Comlocks were pretty cool but HUGE, even by 1970's electronic standards. The Lasergun was a big disappointement overall. Even at age 10 I was big into accurate bits, and neither fit the bill :)

  2. A friend of mine had the gun and it pretty good as far as what we could get here in the UK. I know that he also had a card game based on Space 1999 too.

    I do not recall seeing the toys advertised here, but the ones that I really wanted were the Dinky toys Eagle Transporter and Waste Carrier models. Both were sturdy little affairs and like the other Dinky toys put out based on Gerry Anderson shows very collectible now. The Thunderbird 2 was a thing of beauty.

  3. Saw them, didn't really want them. Was too old, really, but 1999 didn't really capture my interest like Trek did. It was SF though, and at the time we weren't too picky.