Saturday, December 5, 2009

Space Babe: Gabrielle Drake

Beautiful Gabrielle Drake as Lieutenant Gay Ellis on Gerry Anderson's UFO. She may have worn a purple wig and a silver miniskirt, but for the first third or so of the series, the sexy astronette commanded the SHADO moonbase, Earth's first line of defense against alien invaders bent on conquest (or at least human organ harvesting).

While the tone of the series was actually pretty grim, the style was pure, late Sixties' "mod," and nowhere was that more evident than in the outfits designed for SHADO's female staff. Sure, they were entrusted with the responsibility of a multi-billion dollar moonbase - not to mention the defense of all mankind - but form-fitting spacesuits and miniskirts were the uniform of the day.

Frankly, I'm not complaining. I even dig the wig.


  1. Gay Ellis was my first crush. I think I was 6! I even have a lovely action figure (i.e. doll, lol) of her by Product Enterprises.

  2. simply stunning lady wish i could turn back the clock

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  4. I loved the moon girls more than anything else about this show! How they ever got anything done on that base dressed like that is beyond me.

    I've done one post on the show:

    But I plan to devote a future entry devoted just to the purple-wigged hotties!

  5. She looked so much better without the purple wig in the episode, "Close Up."