Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's Fun To Read As You Hear!

For those of us who remember the Power Records comic book & 45 RPM record sets (and if you don't, go here or here), there was some cheesy charm - especially in those days before home video and the internet - to having new adventures of the Star Trek or Space: 1999 crews available at your fingertips. Sure, the voice actors didn't sound anything like the TV casts, and the stories were juvenile, but hey - it was the 70s. You took what you could get. And the artwork was pretty cool, too, if occasionally strangely inaccurate (Uhura as a blonde Caucasian?).

If you've never experienced the Power Records, um, experience, and you're not sure you want to download any MP3s or PDF files, someone on YouTube has approximated the joys of Power in video form.

So, here's the Power Records adaptation of Space: 1999's "Breakaway" in two parts. Nice art. Enjoy!

Part 1:

Part 2:


  1. Dude! So damn awesome!

    As a comic kid in the 70's, I collected all the Marvel Comics records in this series of Power Records. Spidey, Man-Thing, Werewolf By Night! I think I still have my Man-Thing 45 and comic, and it was really the best one. A Mike Ploog comic, and the audio presented a real chilling horror story featuring Man-Thing (about a clown who commits suicide and his cackling but sad and pathetic ghost rising from the body.

    I don't ever remember seeing Space 1999, but I guess there might be a lot of non-Marvel ones I never picked up.

    Outstanding stuff, and great blog. Keep it up.

  2. LOVE IT. I had this record and listened to it so many times! My ears have seriously not heard these sounds since I was 9!
    Hard to remember back to a time without DVD players but this was the way a kid could get another dose of their favorite show until the next episode came on. Had a Spider Man and Six Million Dollar Man record by Power as well.

  3. I had the first edition of Spiderman reprint with the 33 record. And a friend had the Spiderman rock album. Silly stuff.

  4. Is there any value to these sets today ?