Friday, January 8, 2010

BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS (1980) Theatrical Posters

Been very busy this first week of 2010 (The Year we Make Contact) with other projects, but regular posting will resume shortly. In the meantime, here's another vintage poster gallery from 1980's Battle Beyond The Stars (including one foreign sheet - German? - that shows the title as Sador - the name of John Saxon's villain!)

I really love the painted U.S. one-sheet. Seriously, weren't movie posters so much cooler before Photoshop? (Anyone know the name of the artist?) Enjoy!

(I just noticed that unlike the U.S. poster, the International art doesn't feature Nell, cinema's only spaceship with breasts. Hmmmm....)


  1. First film I ever saw on video, so holds a special place in my heart.

    My parents (especially my dad) were always keen on gadgets and so came home one day with this bulky, top-loading video machine and Battle Beyond The Stars.

    "Wow!" says young me, "Films I can watch when I like!" And proceeds to watch it through five times that first weekend of video heaven...

  2. Love that movie! I need to watch it again!

  3. Maybe I'm wishfully thinking just because it is Friday, but nice knockers was the first thing I saw too. Do you think the marketing boys knew what they were doing, considering the fanboy demographic they were going for?

  4. Love this movie. These old movies don't come on TV enough anymore. It'd be great of SyFy would od a marathon of these older movies.

  5. SyFy (how inane is that name, anyway?) has no interest in vintage genre material anymore. They'd rather keep running crap monster movies that are all the same and all awful.

    Which is particularly aggravating, since when the net premiered it was CENTERED around classic science fiction stuff and built its initial audience from old school geeks like us.

    Somewhere along the way, younger, so-called "hip" executives got put in charge, and proceeded to prove they had no idea what their own network was about.


  6. Yep, looks German to me. "Sador - Ruler In Space."

  7. We always made fun the space ship for looking like fallopian tubes

  8. I'm fortunate enough to own a wide screen version of this DVD. I love Nell. We tend to call ships "she" right? Finally one with a luscious voice and a feminine look.

    Roger Corman has strange genius.

  9. I bet the third poster would make an awesome wallpaper... if only I could find a big enough jpeg!!!

  10. NOW I know what hubby's meant all this time in our mrriage with these little smirks and looking at my bust while mentioning the cryptic word 'Nell' and absolutely refusing to tell me what the joke was.
    I called him on it, just now, and we had a good bit over it. :)

    Well, I guess I'm flattered, it's one thing for a woman to be told she's got a prow on her like the 'Enterprise-D', and another more flattering thing to learn of a ship sculpted after the female form that's also capable of kicking butt Star Wars style. :D

  11. Brilliant film this.

    Does anyone remember when the film was first released in the UK on Video. They had a publicity poster that claimed "it's worth a dozen of Blake's 7"


    This is the only picture Ive ever seen of that poster. Does anyone have a clearer image of this please