Saturday, January 16, 2010

Space Babes: Patricia & Cyb Barnstable

Patricia and Cyb Barnstable as Betty 1 and Betty 2 on Quark. This month's Space Babes are the former Doublemint twins who played the ship's shapely pilot and equally shapely copilot, Betty, on the short-lived but much-loved sci-fi spoof created by Buck Henry in 1977. One Betty was real, the other her clone, but each claimed to be the original, and since they were identical....

The lovely Barnstable twins have very few film or television acting credits outside of commercials, talk shows and such, but these days, the former models are founders of a charity that raises money for diabetes research.

Starting this month, Space Babes will be a monthly feature - at one a week, I was burning through the decade's interstellar sirens far too quickly.


  1. Here locally (Louisville Ky) The Barnstable Party is THE party to be at during Kentucky Derby Celebration. Stars come from near and far (mostly far...this is Kentucky). It's a 20 year tradition and as mentioned the profits go to aid diabetes research at Univ of Louisville and Univ of Kentucky.

  2. When QUARK was on the air, my local SF club included two girls who used to specialize in doing a "Two Bettys" routine. Who would have predicted that one of them would go on to be Deputy Mayor of the town? I wonder if she ever thinks of QUARK nowadays...

  3. Erin Grey from Buck Rogers still does it for me though....

  4. Awright fellow book geeks, identify the lucky books in the pic.

    (babes and books, my favorite combination)

  5. Books? There are books in the photo? I didn't notice.