Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Happy Birthday STAR WARS

Today is the 34th Anniversary of the U.S. premiere of George Lucas' blockbuster space opera, Star Wars.

Regardless of all the director's compulsive tinkering, retitling, and retconning, the original film - and all of its subsequent merchandising - had a defining effect on this Star Kid, and countless others. Because of Summer camp and a family vacation, I didn't actually get to see Star Wars until late August, but even though I was already a sci-fi nut, and I'd heard all about it from my friends, it still rocked me to the core. I came out of that theater with my head in the stars... and many might argue that I've never come back down.


  1. My earliest memory is seeing the original Star Wars in the theater, at the age of three (actually, two-going-on-three). It's defined my existence ever since, and I've loved every single Star Wars movie to come out since then, be it special tinkered retconned editions, original versions, or prequels. Star Wars is in my blood and always will be. I think I was able to enjoy the prequels and special editions for that reason: where Star Wars is concerned I never grew up, so I wasn't looking for something more adult-oriented in the newer releases. I still watch them as a two-to-eight-year-old kid.

  2. Ah, 1977...the year that Han shot first and Richard Dreyfuss forever changed mashed potatoes! (truly a great time to have been a kid)

  3. This is the Star Wars "Style A one sheet" by Tom Jung, which is claimed to be the most reproduced movie poster in history (both legally and bootlegged). Throw me in with the group that fell under the larger than life influence of 70s Star Wars and the fantastic art that came from promoting the film (including the comics).

    So cool!