Thursday, May 5, 2011

Coming Attractions: FLASH GORDON (1980)

Just about to call it a night (or rather, morning, as it's 3:30 AM here) and contemplating watching 1980's Flash Gordon on Blu-ray for a while - or maybe a couple chapters of the original serial - before bed. And then, I realized that I hadn't posted the trailer to that 1980 film here at Space: 1970 yet... so....

Anyway... enjoy!


  1. Flesh Gordon had a charm of its own... and a fitting homage to Ray Harryhausen.

  2. Unlike so many trailers that one certainly does convey exactly what the film is like. You'd know right away if that movie was going to be something you'd want to see or not. :)

  3. Easily my single greatest influence of any kind: I must've been exactly the wrong age when I saw it. And exactly like Queen it was totally serious with a thick stripe of comedy and utterly lacked solemnity or earnestness. No, I wouldn't want to live on Mongo but I'll take mental holidays there any time.

  4. BTW, You mentioned the classic Flash serial.
    In a related vein, Turner Classic Movies is running Buster Crabbe's Buck Rogers serial two chapters at a time on Saturday mornings at 11am!

  5. Dittos to what was said above. It's so cool seeing the trailer again, I can even forgive the 4% PAL Chipmunking (and that's a lot coming from a purist like me.)

    (who saw it in the theatre)

  6. Oh, man...I still get chill bumps when I see this trailer. That's got to be one of my all time favorite movies. For a very long time, people made fun of it or slammed the flick for its campy approach. But more and more fans have developed over the years and I think it's great to introduce this movie to someone who's never seen it before. The actors were perfectly cast and Brian Blessed and Max von Sydow gave us the greatest, slam-dunk performances for our money. Sure it's a bit silly, but the vibrant color, dialogue and sets brought this movie to life. And Queen's soundtrack is awesome. If I had to give the movie one gripe, it's that it ends too soon. I would have given anything to see Flash and Ming have a real swordfight in the end. Too bad that the sequel never developed.