Friday, November 5, 2010

Captain's bLog 1105.10

A few quick notes from the bridge:

•  The Space: 1970 Facebook page is now up to 337 "likes."

•  I just received the first two books in the 1980 Tempo Flash Gordon series by David Hagberg. Thanks to everyone who helped me track these down. Once I finish That Man on Beta, I'll start on these. If I like them, obviously, I'll be trying to acquire the remaining four. Hopefully, they'll be easier to find - and less expensive - than the 70s Avon Flash novels.

•   Still no updated word from Shout! Factory on the Battle Beyond the Stars DVD/Blu-Ray that they originally announced for September - at least, none that I've heard. I'm going to guess that they're having trouble finding a high-quality source print - the one used for the old New Horizons disc was pretty beat-up. If anyone hears anything definitive, please report in! I've been holding off writing much about the film until the new disc came out, but I'm wondering if I should stop waiting. Usually when I post a review here of an old product, a new version is announced within a month....

•   I haven't been re-posting every news item from TV Shows on DVD site for The Six Million Dollar Man Complete Series set from Time/Life, so here's a link to the site's $6MM news page, where you can find shots of the final packaging, complete details, etc. LINK.

•  Here's a question for you: should I cover 70s superhero shows on the site? There are some shows here that are on the cusp already - Man From Atlantis, The Six Million Dollar Man, The Invisible Man - but would it be of interest to those of you who read the site if I also occasionally wrote about shows like Isis, Wonder Woman, The Incredible Hulk, etc.?

I've been on the fence about it. It would broaden the scope of the blog and give me more stuff to wax nostalgic about (not to mention putting Joanna Cameron and Lynda Carter in the running for the Space Babes feature), but I wonder if it would broaden it too much, since the site has had a sci-fi focus so far. Anyway, your opinions would be welcome.

• And, finally, apropos of nothing, I'm now on Twitter: @AtomicPulp.


  1. I say yes to the Superhero shows. There aren't enough of them to have a huge category on their own.

  2. I think you could do no wrong covering 70s superhero shows. It's a good bet that anyone who loves those great old space programs also enjoyed the 70s superhero programs. I would like to see your research on shows like Shazam and Isis and those other live action Saturday morning programs. Loving the stuff you do already btw.

  3. I would dig on some super-coverage as well.

  4. Why not try covering the superhero shows, and if you later decide you aren't happy with it, stop covering them? Personally, I think the genres are close enough in many ways that it wouldn't hurt to include them.

  5. How is Wonder Woman not "Sci-fi"
    Telepathic aliens?
    Telekinetic children?
    Time travel?
    Invisible jets?
    And that's just off the top of my head...
    (And pix of Lynda Carter? Drool!!!)

  6. YES on the supers! If it helps, maybe try and cover the more sci-fi or spacey aspects of said shows. I'm sure Wonder Woman fought an alien at some point, right?

  7. While I would prefer more sci-fi than superheroes, I wouldn't mind an occasional feature on them.

    I'm anxiously awaiting the BBTS DVD. Perhaps if I re-buy the previous edition, THEN they'll announce the special edition....

  8. A BIG YES to Wonder Woman (Lynda Carter!), Incredible Hulk (Bill Bixby), Isis, Spiderman (Nicholas Hammond and Shazam!

  9. Given how many of those '70s superhero shows did episodes involving aliens, spacecraft, and rogue androids, especially post-Star Wars, I think you can justify covering them here...

  10. Hell to the Yes on superhero coverage!!!! You know i'm down for it!

    Dusty Abell

  11. I am reminded of when Isaac Asimov wrote about 70s sci-fi shows for TV Guide. Of WONDER WOMAN, he stated that while it was not science fiction, it was "terrific biology."

  12. I vote YES to the super hero shows. The fact that I own all 3 seasons of Wonder Woman and the 2 seasons of ISIS on DVD speaks for itself. For reference I recommend the book Age of TV Heroes that came out this year, it's an invaluable source of info.

  13. I say go for it. I really like your reviews and takes on the older series.

  14. I would love to see some Hulk, Wonder Woman or even Spider-Man [Hammond-style] right here at Space 1970. Look forward to the possibilities.

    Chris, my thanks for the honor of being placed in your Starblogs section. I really appreciate that and just noticed that.

    I've actually finally ordered the Bill Bixby Hulk series myself and plan on doing some revisits of that particular series along with the Six Million Dollar Man over the next year.

    We have much in common and I really enjoy your perspectives and thoughtful commentaries here and at your DVD LateShow site. Cheers.

  15. Where'd you get that picture of Jessica? Was it a promotional image?

  16. Let's see: Wonder Woman and space aliens. There's the first season story set in World War Two where she encounters the alien Andros (played by Buck Rogers' Tim O'Connor) or the later story where she again encounters Andros (this time played by the much younger Dack Rambo) as he attempts to track down alien Skrills (I think the name was).

    Andros's spaceship and home planet was represented by footage taken from Exeter's spaceship docking at Metaluna in THIS ISLAND EARTH.