Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December's Space Babe: Cindy Morgan

December's Space Babe is the lovely Cindy Morgan, who played the dual roles of Yori and Lora in 1982's TRON. With TRON Legacy coming to theaters this month, I started thinking about re-watching the original, and was reminded of Morgan and just how appealing she was. This sexy cyber blonde appeared with Tron himself, Bruce Boxlietner, in the same year's CBS adventure series Bring 'Em Back Alive, as well as Caddyshack, and numerous TV guest roles.

Her official website.


  1. Gott in Himmel, seriously. I remember thinking that there was no way someone could be that lovely when I was 13 and TRON had just come out.

    I'm reminded of this:

  2. Thanks, Jayson - I've added that clip to the post.

  3. I had a HUGE crush on Cindy since I saw her in Tron, one of my favorite movies of all time which I was fortunate to see on its original theatrical run. I was also a fan of Bring 'Em Back Alive back in the day and she was great in that too.

  4. Probably the hottest thing we ever got from Disney!