Thursday, December 30, 2010

Captain's bLog 1230.10

•  Okay - I seriously underestimated how much the holidays would screw with my planned work schedule this month, so the "End of the World As We Knew It" theme "week" will be extended a bit. I still have a few posts in various stages of completion, and will get them published in the next few weeks. This includes an article on The Omega Man....

•  Another thing I'd hoped to do in December was post the first Space: 1970 podcast on Christmas day. Again, though, I misjudged how much work I still needed to do on it (and how little spare time I'd have to do it), so, maybe I'll get it up after New Years (assuming I can figure out how to post it to the site). I actually completed a 20-minute "pilot" a while back, but I want to re-record it and smooth out some rough patches before I present it for public consumption.

•  As noted below, I received the Season 1 Space: 1999 Blu-Ray set from my wife for Christmas. (Praise the cosmos for holiday sales/discounts!)

I'm truly astounded at the visual improvement and the extensive supplemental material. If you're a HD-equipped Space: 1999 fan and on the fence about picking it up (especially if, like me, you've bought the show on DVD a couple times already), I recommend taking the plunge. The audio and video are vastly improved over the Region 1 DVDs. I hope that A&E and Network will work the same magic on UFO sometime soon.

•  As 2010 comes to its end, I'd like to thank everyone who's stopped by Space: 1970, and wish you all a great 2011. Personally, I've had a rough year, but this site has been among its very few joys, and I'm grateful to everyone who visited, and especially those who've commented and/or made a point of following the blog.

If you're on Facebook, please consider "liking" the Space: 1970 Facebook page. If you're interested in supporting the site, there's a Paypal donation button over in the right-hand sidebar (reader donations paid for that Message from Space DVD I reviewed not long ago). Finally, if you're interested in my other work (I write comic books for several publishers as well as short fiction), stop by my homepage at Atomic Pulp and check out my stuff.

Happy New Year, space kids!


  1. Great year of blogging Chris, I hope the coming year is an improvement for you and everybody else.......I'm trying to decide my favorite Season one Episode........I'm predictably going Dragon's Domain at this has a corpse spewing monster that's haunted all our dreams for decades now, for friggin' sake! inefectual is Victor Bergman....that fool NEVER provides anything for Koenig close to useful information or helpful insights into the phenomenon affecting the Moonbase. It's always "I don't know John"..............C'mon son! That's why Spock was so awesome....he was constanly picking up Kirk's slack on the science front. I still love the goofy show though, and it looks INSANE! Happy New Year Chris to you and yours, all the best.

  2. Wow. If everyone was so appreciative of my comments, I wouldn't have to hide the spray cans every time Mrs. Aposdopoulos visits my landlady.

    Why can't she understand that I'm just practising "tugging," like the young folks do?

  3. Thanks for the hell of a ride this past year, Mr. M!

    This site is one of the handful I check regularly every day, just to see what new 70s SF goodies you've come up with to talk about (and what replies you generate from the Comment Gang.) Ya know, it's refreshing to read a "retro site" that doesn't take a roundhouse swipe at the things that it purports to like (as faaar too many other sites do.)

    It's because of this place that I've spent waaaaaay too much moolah on goodies I had no idea existed until you, or my Fellow Babies of the Comment Gang, pointed them out (that Stella Star book was the topper, yah?) Hell, you're the reason I finally got off my spacesuited butt and got my first Blu-Rays (Space:1999 and The Prisoner.) So it's yer fault another neo-Luddite's bitten the dust.

    Here's hoping Space:1970 continues to grow on Earth:2011!

    (I kicked in, and y'all should too)

  4. Hope you have a great and much improved year in 2011 Chris. Your blog is a regular stop for me on the internet and has rekindled my love of vintage science fiction. Cheers man!

  5. Thanks, everyone! And especially to Tex, for the donation, which will be put to good use here...