Monday, December 27, 2010

MAD MAX (1979) Theatrical Posters

To continue with our post-Apocalyptic holiday theme, here's a nice selection of theatrical one-sheets from the most influential CARmageddon film of the Seventies, George Miller's Mad Max. The international success of this genre trailblazer led to the even more influential sequel (known in the States as The Road Warrior), which inspired countless imitations throughout the 80s. 

Personally, my favorite is the American-International U.S. poster at the top - it has a great 70's sci-fi paperback cover quality to it that really pushes my buttons.


  1. The first poster is feels like a Frazetta painting, has a bit of Eastwoods Gauntlet flavor to it........very pulpy and throwback....i can see why you like like! Classic film, great tag lines on all of them!

  2. I agree - the first design has more of the subtlety of the film. But for me the tagline in the second is the best of the bunch, powerful and disturbing. The first is just silly, and in the case of the next two you just think 'I'll stay off the highway then'.