Friday, February 4, 2011

News: BIONIC WOMAN (1977) Season 2 on DVD in May

According to TV Shows on DVD, Universal has announced the second season of The Bionic Woman, starring Lindsay Wagner as Jaime Sommers, will be released on DVD on May 17th:
The 5-DVD set presents every episode, remastered, in full screen video and with English mono sound, plus English subtitles. Cost is $39.98 SRP.

Besides the featured episodes of The Bionic Woman, there will also be 2 cross-over episodes from The Six Million Dollar Man: "The Return of Bigfoot, Part 1" and "Kill Oscar, Part 2" (so that the complete multi-part story of each can be watched in order, with no having to switch discs to the DVDs of another program). You will also get other bonus material, including an exclusive interview with show star Lindsay Wagner. That's all the extras that the studio has officially passed along at this time, but we know from show creator Kenneth Johnson that he's already recorded a commentary track for the 2-part story "Doomsday Is Tomorrow", which aired during this season. We also know that actress Janice Whitby, who played "Fembot Katy" in the 3-part story "Kill Oscar", has recorded interviews about her role in that arc, so we expect that to be included as well.
Full details and a larger view of the package key art can be found HERE. I really loved revisiting the show with Season 1 (my review HERE), and am eager to add these episodes to my DVD library!


  1. I am interested to see how these episodes hold up over time. I really liked this show as a kid. Jaime was my first female superhero that hit my heart before Wonder Woman came along. I even traded my sister for her Bionic Woman toys just so I could add another figure to my action force. She wasn't as fast as Steve Rogers but she could use both her arms to lift things. Pluse she had a great repare station and outfits that came with her and thatfully my dad had the foresight to also buy that Christmas. That Christmas, my sister and I bargained like two Bedoins but I got my Bionic Woman doll and accessories and an unused Easy Back oven with two bags of mixes and accessories. I made out like a bandit.

  2. I found when I recently watched Season 1 that while the stories are sometimes cheesy, Wagner's Jaime Sommers is still a great, compassionate, and believable heroine, and role model.

  3. I have season 1 of the Bionic Woman in its region 4 version which was released some 2 or 3 years ago. However I do plan on buying this most recent release because of the remastering and the Six Million Dollar Man episodes which tell the origin of The Bionic Woman (these are NOT included in the region 4 version which I have). Season 2 is a must buy as well, of course.
    Having seen the series back in the 70's and again on DVD I can honestly say that the episodes hold up extremely well, the stories are very good and, at least in season 1, not the least bit cheesy. Lindsay Wagner's performance is superb and really grounds the series with a human element.

  4. I too think Wagner was the show's biggest asset. The reboot with Michelle Ryan just did not work.