Thursday, February 24, 2011

LOGAN'S RUN Marvel Comics Cover Gallery

George Perez/Al Milgrom
George Perez/Al Milgrom
George Perez/Tom Palmer
George Perez/Klaus Janson
George Perez/Frank Giacoia
Paul Gulacy
Gil Kane/Al Milgrom
After their phenomenal success with the Star Wars comics license, Marvel turned their attention to the most prominent sci-fi flick of the year before, Logan's Run, and made a deal to adapt the MGM film. The adaptation showcased the dynamic talents of a young George Perez, who would soon make a name for himself on The Avengers,  among other books, becoming one of the industry's top pencilers. As I recall, Klaus Janson inked all (or most) of the five-issue movie adaptation, which was scripted by Marvel veteran Gerry Conway and David Anthony Kraft. 

The final two issues attempted to carry Logan and Jessica's adventures beyond the end of the movie, but writer John Warner failed to capture readers' imaginations, which, combined with the low sales figures and high licensing fees, led to Marvel canceling the title. Aircel Comics published adaptations of the original William F. Nolan-George Clayton Johnson Logan's Run novels in the 80s, and Bluewater Comics recently published a Logan series of their own.

(Scans courtesy of the Grand Comics Database.)


  1. I am a huge fan of 'Logan's Run'. The movie was terrific as a kid as was the TV series. I have most of these comics and you just can't beat those covers. Fantastic. I may have to steal thsse for a post of my own. Full credit to you of course.

  2. Loved the movie & I've seen a few of the TV series, which was fun. I read the novel (I think there were three), and it was quite a bit different from the movie. I wondered if the other comic book adaptations followed the book closer in plot.

  3. I know that the 80s Aircel Comics were based on Nolan's novels and not the movie. I don't know about Bluewater's.

  4. To further confuse things, continuity-wise, there also the novels Logan's World and Logan's Search.

  5. Well, the novels follow the William F. Nolan/George Clayton Johnson continuity.

    The TV show is an entirely different affair - in fact, Logan's Run has almost as many alternate timelines as Planet of the Apes!