Wednesday, June 26, 2013

STARCRASH (1978) Deleted Quicksand Scene

Watching Luigi Cozzi's deliriously over-the-top (and endlessly entertaining) 1978 space opera Starcrash, it's hard to imagine that anything was cut out. It is simply so jam-packed with action and low budget spectacle, the mind boggles when it's learned that a prominent setpiece was left on the cutting room floor.

In the finished film, immediately following the curvaceous Stella Star's (Caroline Munro) escape from the Imperial prison, she flees through a marsh-like area where she comes across a spaceship conveniently waiting for her. Originally, though, the scene was to play out with her being pursued by armored guards and falling into a deadly quicksand pit! Another close call for space smuggler Stella!

I can't imagine that poor Caroline was pleased to see the scene excised from the finished flick, especially since, from these rare stills, it looks like it was probably a pretty unpleasant couple of day's shooting for the scantily-clad sci-fi siren!


  1. O.....M.....G!!!!!!!
    We need to see this restored in Blu Ray pronto!
    How could they cut this out?

  2. Yeah, if I remember correctly, they deleted this because they couldn't get the stop motion animation done, or the director didn't like the final result of the stop motion of the two. Awesome movie by the way, loads of fun!

  3. Can you imagine being the stage hand who got to clean the sand off of her? Lucky guy! LOL