Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Coming Attractions: LOGAN'S RUN (1976) Theatrical Trailer

I recently re-watched my Logan's Run Blu-Ray disc and thoroughly enjoyed it. In my opinion, it holds up pretty well, and is a highly entertaining 70s sci-fi adventure film.

Sure, there are some logic problems in the script, and some of the effects shots look dated (although, surprisingly, the miniatures of the City of Domes actually look a bit more real in HD instead of less; the only thing that really betrays them is the use of water on the tabletop sets), but there's a lot to like in there, too. Great production design, good cast, and plenty of interesting ideas - even if not all of them make much sense.

Here's the original theatrical trailer.


  1. I still love that tinkly little synthesizer sound they play when they show the little tube cars going into the miniature city. Wish that was a ringtone.

  2. I'll probably watch my Logan's Run DVD copy pretty soon as well. Since you'd posted about the TV series, I pulled out an old VHS tape I had of the first three or four episodes (sadly that's all I have) and watched them. I really hope they make this available at some time. I see there's a 2012 date for a remake of Logan's Run. I don't think it's necessary, actually I pretty much hate all the remake stuff (not that a few work and are worthwhile), I just think most are misses, and think the originals are good enough, if not better. I'd prefer Hollywood to make new, original movies, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon. But wouldn't it be wonderful to see a Ringworld or a Forever War movie or how about a Grimjack movie or TV series?

  3. Brian, I think that sound you mean is part of Jerry Goldsmith's soundtrack.

  4. I love "Logan's Run" (and the T.V. series too). I recently watched my Blu-ray and made my wife watch it too (to get her back for making me watch "Twilight"). She enjoyed it and even made a comment about how "Repo Men" ripped it off.

    Logan's Run really holds up well, with a solid story and good acting (I really miss Richard Jordan). It does stumble a little bit in a few FX scenes, like the debris falling in Box's domain and the explosions in the city of domes. But otherwise, you have to hand it to the FX guys who created carousel, the miniatures and the deep sleep guns. I love the way those things fire!

    Great memories and still a great movie!

  5. Chris also check out this site:

  6. Still one of my favorites after all these years! I was actually disappointed by the series as a child, because it drifted so far from the movie, but I understand its appeal with some people now. (I still prefer the movie.) As for a remake, I know one's been in the works off and on for more than a few years. I rather hope they just don't bother!

    Jerry Goldsmith's score was superb, having a 'futuristic' feel for the city stuff, and an epic traditional feel for the other settings... if you can find a copy of it, get it.

    I love the model city shots, and it's too bad that the water gives away the scale. (Water is the one thing that never 'miniaturizes' well.) By the way, the 'miniature' of the city took up a large portion of a soundstage... the curvey 'pyramids' in the city are about as tall as some of the SFX guys working on the model.


  7. I watched on Blue-ray on Xmass night after everyone elee had gone to bed. I was pleasantly surprised by how well it held up- it was actually a better movie than I remembered it being.