Friday, March 25, 2011

STAR TREK ANIMATED SERIES (1973) Home Video Artwork

This art - by an unknown (but vaguely familiar) artist - graced the VHS packaging for Paramount Home Video's releases of Filmation's Star Trek - The Animated Series during the late 80s-early 90s.

It doesn't look like anything actually created at Filmation in the 70s; it's a bit too dynamic to have come out of that studio, and the Enterprise appears to be based on the feature film version of the NCC-1701, rather than the cartoon version. Also, what's with the pirate boots?

I'm guessing that it was probably something commissioned specifically for the VHS releases by Paramount. In any case, I think it's a great piece of Trek artwork! Colorful, exciting and really capturing the Star Trek feel.


  1. Looks like a Jack Kirby layout, but that could just mean the artist swiped from a Kirby cover featuring a foursome.
    Challengers of the Unknown, maybe?
    And the cuffs on the pants could be mis-interpreted as pirate boots, depending on the quality of the photo reference provided.

  2. I picked up a t-shirt with that image on it a couple years ago at a convention.

  3. It looks a bit like Ernie Colon's work, though I wouldn't swear to that.

  4. Funny thing; they just put all 22 episodes online, and have this piece of artwork to go with it on the page at; sadly, no credits were included with this iteration, so the mystery continues...

  5. I'm fond of the pirate boots! I actually just found out about this animated series on while testing it out for my job at DISH Network. 7 minutes into episode one and I'm hooked! The rest are also available free of charge (thank goodness) so I'll definitely be holed up for a while watching a gem of the past. I love your site btw and I will definitely be back ;)

  6. Looks like the artwork for the board game I used to have.