Thursday, March 17, 2011

Space: 1970 Comments Policy Note

I will not allow comments that provide links to pirate download sites or gray-market DVD dealers on this blog. Whether one chooses to use such sites or dealers is of course none of my business, and I can't even claim particularly high moral ground on the subject, as I will even admit to owning a few unauthorized videos myself over the years -- but I won't link to them from this blog.

Over the last year, I've deleted a couple posts of this nature, and today I received one that linked to illegal downloads of a show that is commercially available on DVD. I can't condone that.

I do recommend that Space: 1970 readers buy authorized, commercial products when available. This can only encourage the copyright holders of unreleased titles to bring their own shows & movies to market in quality editions, especially as more studios get into the act of offering Manufactured-On-Demand DVDs. For example, if Warner Archives sells enough copies of the Man From Atlantis pilot film, they may decide it's worthwhile to go to the effort of releasing the whole series on Manufacture-On-Demand disc.

In fact, MOD may be the best hope that fans of short-lived genre shows and cult movies have for ever getting their favorites in quality home video editions. I actually think this is a good thing - and it's already brought us the complete Thundarr the Barbarian and the Gene Roddenberry Genesis II/Planet Earth pilots, with Logan's Run on the way. (And I just saw that Warners has added The Last Dinosaur!)

Now, back to our regularly-scheduled nostalgia....


  1. Great news, I'd like to have a copy of Logan's Run. Keep us posted on news as this if you can.

  2. Well said and I totally agree with the policy.