Thursday, September 8, 2011

Behind-The-Scenes Pix #7: SPACE: 1999

Filming "Breakaway," the premiere episode of Gerry Anderson's Space: 1999 at Pinewood Studios in England, 1973.


  1. "Hurry with that slate, will ya? My arms are getting tired. Even at 1/6th gravity, this guy is heavy!"

  2. hmmm, wasn't Star Wars also shooting at pinewood in 1975?

    to be a fly on the wall that year...

  3. Hey Anonymous (may I call you Ann?)

    Slate 20 there is from 4-18-73.

    (lost on Alpha for over 35 years)

  4. Funny, this is the famous first goof scene where the throwing astronaut's visor flips open just after throwing him. Looks like they had at least 4 takes to choose from but still the glaring mistake remained.

  5. I hate it when books and online articles mention that 1999 was made between 1975-77.When it was made from 1973-76.I love all Gerry Anderson stuff except Terrahawks.I'm also a fan of Irwin Allen series not the disaster movies.
    I cannot stand any new show and refuse to watch it.Give me large scale miniatures over shitty C.G.I any day.