Wednesday, September 14, 2011

News: MOON ZERO TWO (1969) Re-released on DVD

Warner Archive, the manufacture-on-demand arm of Warner Home Entertainment has just re-released the 1969 Hammer Films "Space Western," Moon Zero Two on DVD.

Previously-issued on a Best Buy exclusive double feature disc with Hammer's prehistoric romp, When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth, it was reportedly withdrawn from distribution because the packaging failed to inform buyers of the little bit of cavewoman nudity in the dinosaur flick. I bought that edition when it came out, but I have noticed that it's commanding fairly high prices on the online resale sites since.

Presumably, the new MOD disc uses the same near-pristine, anamorphic widescreen transfer from the Best Buy DVD.

In any case, Moon Zero Two, which stars James Olson and Space: 1970 siren Catherine Schell, and features some groovy future-mod costuming and set design, goes on sale today at the WB Shop. Retail is $19.95 plus shipping.


  1. Great news! I had been hoping for Moon Zero Two to be released independently of When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth.

  2. Whats the chances of When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth having a rerelease?

  3. Man this was a surprise! I had never seen this movie and the description of it as a "space western" + the image of the LEM style spacecraft made me assume it was both brainless and cheap.
    Having seen it, I have to say it was amazingly good. The budget showed, but not severely, and the story is actually a clever updating of old west cliches.
    The animated introduction is not only amusing but serves as a perfectly reasonable explanation of the politics and economics that serve as background and history for the story.
    BTW The nude footage in WDRtE is a 45 second segment in which (with distinctly different film quality) we get to see a few seconds of whatsernames butt and, maybe, a transient "side boob". I mean, she's lovely, but what a waste...