Thursday, September 29, 2011

ARK II (1976) Network Promo

Still under the weather, hence this quickie video post. A rare bit of 70s TV ephemera: a very brief (10 second) network promo for Filmation's Saturday morning, post-Apocalyptic sci-fi adventure series, Ark II.

What's with that weird art?


  1. >What's with that weird art?<

    Not everyone can be Michael Whelan. This looks like the sort of art done on the quick by an artist who wasn't even given the press booklet for the show.

    Producer: "Have you seen this show?"

    Artist: "No."

    Producer: "You have 60 seconds to sketch a quick ID placard for ARK II. The crew is a blonde white guy, a pretty Asian woman, a Mexican kid, and a chimp."