Thursday, September 8, 2011

STAR TREK @ Space: 1970

Back when I posted the magazine version of Marvel Comics' Star Trek - The Motion Picture adaptation, one of you pointed out that the composition of Bob Larkin's cover painting was a homage to the original Star Trek series art by James Bama that was used in early promotional material and on the cover of Bantam Books' first collection of James Blish short story script adaptations. And damn - I don't know how I missed that before!

I haven't posted quite as much about Star Trek on this blog as I have other shows, because a.) although its actual popularity was at its highest in the 70's through extensive television syndication and it was tremendously influential on shaping my love of the genre, it was technically a 60's show, and b.) there's tons of Trek on the web already. But, as today is the 45th anniversary of the series, here are links to some of my previous Trek-related posts. Enjoy!

STAR TREK (1979) Pinball Machine Flyer

My Enterprise Incident


STAR TREK 4 Art by Lou Feck



  2. Here's another Lou Feck inspired "Star Trek" image:

  3. What a neat post, Christopher... I can't believe I missed the connection, but I'm less familiar with the TMP cover than the old book cover, and had never seen them side-by-side like this. Thanks!

  4. That's a nice catch. I never noticed this either. It's very cool. That Blish novel was the very first Star Trek item I got as kid and I'd look at that cover all the time. I still have my childhood copy.

  5. That book introduced me to Star Trek. We didn't have a TV and I was barely aware of other kids in fourth grade mentioning a show called, apparently, "Star Track"... So, I just read it along with other SF paperbacks I bought for a dime, or less than a quarter anyway, at the used book store. I think it increased my appreciation for the series when I finally saw it.

  6. Oh, yes, back in '72/73..? If I had a few dimes collected, I'd RUN downtown and pick up a Blish book immediately. A lot of these stories I had not seen the episodes yet, but was ALWAYS a huge fan of the painted Blish sci-fi covers.

    So cold, spacey and yet SO cool.