Tuesday, September 13, 2011

On this date in 1999...

...the moon was blasted out of orbit, taking with it the 311 inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha.

AND: A very happy birthday to Dr. Helena Russell - Ms. Barbara Bain turns 80 today!


  1. Cool, I still remember watching the first episode "Breakaway", as an 11 y.o. boy back in September 1975 and I was a fan of SPACE:1999 for life. Good memories.


  2. She's 80??!!

    Good grief, where have the years gone? That's downright scary. A lovely lady but I always thought taking a shine to her was sort of like fancying your favourite Auntie. Or maybe not. Not that I've ever done that. Like ever. Nope.


  3. It is interesting how Barbara changed from quite beautiful and even sexy in Mission Impossible to rather matronly looking in Space 1999. She was still pretty, but looked older than the actual years between the shows. I suppose it didn't help that she played Helena Russell as very stiff and wooden. But in some ways that emotional deadness worked in season one of Space 1999.

  4. I had a Space:1999 lunchbox back in 3rd grade (1977) even though I had never even heard of the show; it just looked really cool. I had just seen Star Wars when I picked it out and was jonezing for all things spacey. I had yet to discern the importance of the Star Wars brand, and in fact, other kids used to see the lunchbox and assume it was related to Star Wars. By the time 4th grade rolled around, we were all on the Star Wars merchandizing bandwagon and my off-brand lunchbox became a source of embarrassment.

    1. I still have my 2 foot long Eagle , with one nacelle missing. I am in the process of cleaning the yellowed glue and am going to make it into a funtioning diorama. Someone on ebay is making lathe spun aluminum nacelles I'm getting