Friday, September 23, 2011

More BUCK ROGERS 2nd Season TV Guide Ads!

Thanks to Space: 1970 reader "Bishop37," here are two more vintage TV Guide advertisements from early 1981, promoting the delayed second season of the revamped Buck Rogers In The 25th Century television series. Both of these illustrations appear to be the work of the same unidentified artist who created the ad I posted a few days ago.

The top ad heralds the two-hour season premiere episode, "Time Of The Hawk," which introduced Thom Christopher as the series' new resident alien, avian humanoid "Hawk." The other is for the third episode, "The Guardians." When I was a kid, poring over TV Guide each week, planning my viewing schedule, I loved these kinds of advertisements, which always promised so much... which is one reason why I post them on this blog. They spark great memories from a less cynical time.

A bunch of Buck Year One TV Guide ads can be found HERE.


  1. What's cool about this is not only the art--but the fact that they'd commissioned art for different episodes. These days you just see the same photoshopped crud re-used over and over again.

  2. Those old ads were great. You really don't see that kind of illustration work anymore and that's a shame. Seeing those ads reminds me of how I myself used to comb the TV Guide every week, meticulously looking for movies and shows to record on audiotape (and later, videotape). Does anyone even buy TV Guide these days?

  3. Sweet memories, I loved Buck Rogers when I was a kid. Good Times!!

  4. Those were the days, my friend. Back then, I couldn't wait for every issue of TV Guide to come in the mail sometime around Wednesday. Still have a couple of those issues, which I love looking through from time to time, just to remember how full the TV schedule was back then. Nowadays, I barely watch TV and can't remember the last time I read TV Guide. Good, critical articles back then, too, about things like the effect of TV on various aspects of society, not just more swooning writeups on celebrities. And how about the Close-Ups?