Saturday, September 24, 2011

Captain's bLog: 0924.10

I haven't posted one of these site updates since a little over a month ago, and I'm pleased to see, looking back, that I've managed to actually post most of the articles I'd promised. I'm still working on that post about the aborted mid-70s Star Trek II television series (commonly referred to as "Phase 2" these days), and trying to wrap up the second podcast. Hopefully, I'll have it ready soon. I did mange to completely miss posting a September Space Babe - how exactly I forgot, I'm not sure. But at least we had that Erin Gray/Wilma Deering gallery to enjoy. I promise a good 'un for October.

I'll also try to finally finish up that review of Strange New World, get another "Favorite Episodes" post done, and finally write a review/article on the Hammer sci-fi Western, Moon Zero Two. Of course, I will keep posting any cool bits of art, Behind-The-Scenes photos, ads, posters, ect., that I come across.

  Wow. It's been a pretty great Summer for Space: 1970-vintage home video releases, with Battle Beyond The Stars and Damnation Alley hitting Blu-ray and DVD back in July, Warner Archive's surprise Man From Atlantis discs and the upcoming Canadian release of The Invisible Man (!). Not to mention those controversial Star Wars Blu-ray editions all the kids have been talking about. Over the next few weeks, we have the third (and final) season of The Bionic Woman hitting the shelves, and the first season of The Six Million Dollar Man is finally getting a general retail release.

Truly, this is a great time to be an aging, nostalgic sci-fi geek. Now I'm just waiting for the complete Logan's Run and Fantastic Journey television series to hit home video, so I can have my whole childhood on my DVD shelves!

   I'm kinda kicking myself now for not catching Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes in the theater this Summer. The reviews, from both critics and sci-fi fans were surprisingly popular. Of course, I'll be checking it out on disc in a month or two... but still. What did you people think of it? Was it worthy of the Planet Of The Apes name?

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  1. I was surprised that Rise of the Planet of the Apes was actually quite good. It didn't feel dumbed-down as I was fearing, and there were some clever scenes with the apes. I'm not sure if it's "worthy" of the title, since it does depart from the existing timeline in the other films, but it was a good movie just the same. It would have been good under any other name though, and there were only a couple details or references to the "Apes" franchise that fans might catch and find amusing.

  2. Logan's Run, the TV series is available at Amazon instant video for 1.99 an episode or 19.99 for the whole run. I am going to buy it soon and stream it on my Roku box.

  3. Yes, I'd say RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES was worthy. Without giving anything away, there were a number of references to the original that fans of the first film will appreciate. Most of these are obvious, though it helps appreciably if you remember Cornelius' story about Aldo as relayed in the first film, as there is a moment that comes up that has a great pay-off...

  4. Speaking as a Planet of the Apes fan ever since the 70's I can tell you that "Rise" is a very good movie and worthy of the series. As an origin for the whole Planet of the Apes series it works much better than Escape From the POTA in my opinion, though I still love that film too.

  5. Rise of the Planet of the Apes, in my eyes, seems to take the movie continuity and reshape it into something more coherent. Given that the time travel element of Cornelius and Zira's appearance in the 20th Century ofEscape meant that elements of Conquest and Battle would clash with the original film, I appreciate the efforts of the filmmakers.

    FYI, I only saw the second half of Rise while waiting for the afternoon showing of Captain America: The First Avenger.

  6. Ah, the spaceship Icarus from POTA. By the way, who names their spaceship after a doomed mythological character?

  7. Maybe the it's same kind of thing as naming a band Led Zeppelin.

  8. The new apes movie was okay. It wasn't amazing or better than the original, but it didn't blemish the series like the Star Bores prequels did.

    Love the sight! Keep up the good work!