Thursday, May 17, 2012

FLASH GORDON (1980) German One-Sheet

With a slightly different take on the promotional artwork used to advertise the film elsewhere, here's the German one-sheet for Mike Hodges' Flash Gordon. Although I applaud the prominent placement of Ornelia Muti's Princess Aura, I do wonder at the absences of both Ming the Merciless and Dale Arden on the poster....


  1. Hi there,

    First of all, excuse if my english is not quite good. I´m fronm Spain and I really enjoyed this movie when I was a childa.

    THat esthetic, those clothes, those poor actors... music fronm Queen... everything is very special in the 1980 movie of Falsh Gordon

    Probably, ther will be a remake full of FX and developed as a blockbuster, but it won´t have half of the charm of this epic movie form the 80s


  2. that posters great to see but not a patch on the other one, it looks like elements of the film have just been thrown at the poster. Klytus and General Karla peaking out at the bottom like naughty school children gives a great comedy effect.

  3. There's something in that poster besides Princess Aura? Oh, yeah, I guess there is. (goes back to gazing at Aura...)

  4. I love how they didn't even bother with Dale :)

    awesome, nothing against Dale but the 'bore-worms' scene, a high-point..