Wednesday, May 30, 2012

PLANET OF THE APES (1974) TV Tie-In Novels

I only recently became aware of these two Award Books novels based on the CBS Planet Of The Apes television series, written by George Alec Effinger. I am assuming that they were based on the scripts for the early episodes of the TV show.

As I said, I missed these when they were published and have never stumbled across them in my travels. Being a fan of Burke, Virdon and Galen's adventures, though, I'm definitely adding them to the ever-growing list of vintage paperbacks that I need to hunt down online whenever I've a few bucks to spare.


  1. I found these in a used book store when I was a kid. They were pretty good! Very tightly based on the episodes of the TV show. If I remember right, they covered two episodes per book.

  2. There are four Effinger novels adapting live-action PotA episodes.
    The two you show, plus
    #3 Journey into Terror
    "The Horse Race" & "The Legacy"
    #4 Lord of the Apes (rarest of the books)
    "The Gladiator" & "The Tyrant"

  3. As an "Apes" fan and also as a tie-in novel collector these are right up my alley. Sure would love to own them.

  4. I found a signed copy of Lord Of The Apes at a used book store in California for five dollars.