Thursday, May 31, 2012

STARSHIP INVASIONS (1977) International Theatrical Posters

Starship Invasions is another Space: 1970 oddball favorite - a Canadian tax shelter sci-fi mash-up of Star Wars space opera and Close Encounters UFOlogy from director Ed Hunt that has to be seen to be (dis)believed. That acknowledged, I absolutely ate it up when I saw it on TV as a fourteen year-old, and would still love for a cult DVD label to release it on disc. (It was released in the U.S. by Warner Brothers - I wonder if they still have the distribution rights? Maybe Warner Archive could dig it out of the vaults for a widescreen MOD release?)

Anyway, here are a couple of colorful movie posters for the flick from around the world - both of them more exciting and attractive than the bland, two-color U.S. one-sheet below.

ADDENDUM: Dammit. According to my contact at Warner Archive, the rights to the film no longer rest with Warners, so there's no chance of a disc - manufactured-on-demand or other wise - from the studio. Oh well. I know that there are illegal versions floating around the web, but I still hold out hope that an authorized edition will show up one of these days....

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  1. I have this on DVD. I transered it from my VHS copy a few years ago. It's a pretty fun flick that nobody seems to know about. It also had an awesome soundtrack.