Thursday, May 10, 2012


Fans of Filmation's Saturday morning sci-fi romp, Jason Of Star Command who haven't yet picked up or found a copy of the (rapidly becoming rarer) DVD set, might be interested to know that the series has just been added to Netflix's instant play service. There, it joins such other Space: 1970 favorites as Battlestar Galactica (the original), Buck Rogers In The 25th Century, The Incredible Hulk, Galactica: 1980 and Star Blazers for easy streaming on your computer or television. Hopefully, they'll add Space Academy and Ark II eventually (at the moment, they're both available only as DVD by mail rentals).

In tangentially-related news, Space: 1970 reader Tim Snider has informed me that the aforementioned Space Academy is currently airing on DISH Network's KTV channel as part of a block of vintage kid's television programming.

Filmation lives on....


  1. Wow. I'm afraid to look, and yet I must...

  2. As soon as all of these Filmation shows came to dvd I purchased every one. Including some of the animated shows done by Filmation. These were such iconic shows for our time as young viewers. My love for and interest in them are just as strong.

    First time commenting, love your blog.

  3. Are the 'Hulk' and 'Galactica' only available in the States? Can't find them on Netflix in the UK

  4. I bought this set as soon as you reviewed it. It was worth every penny! By the way-Nicole was the bomb and then some.

  5. Anon: I have no idea how Netflix operates outside the U.S. or what they do and don't have available in other territories.

  6. At least you both have Netflix... try living in Australia... :(
    Maybe us Star Kids from Australia, UK, Canada...elsewhere can send you info on what 70s scifi is available in our areas to help others know what is available in our home countries....