Thursday, May 31, 2012

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (1978) TV Guide Art by Byrd

Look what I found! It's a scan of the original art for the September 16, 1978 edition of TV Guide magazine, painted by David Edward Byrd." I've made fun of this cover before for the artist's transparent attempt to pass off 2001: A Space Odyssey's iconic Discovery spacecraft as the mighty Colonial Battlestar Galactica -- but looking at it again, it's actually a pretty nifty painting (although the colors on this scan do differ considerably from those on the published cover).

And here's the art as it appeared on the actual magazine cover. This really brings back memories, and illustrates just what a big event Battlestar Galactica was for 70's network television.....

ADDENDUM: Thanks to Space: 1970 reader/Galactica blogger "aficionadofan," here's a link to the painting on artist David Byrd's own site.


  1. Art by David Edward Byrd. He has a website which talks about how he got involved in the art, too.

    And, in case anyone's interested, another previous link to it:

  2. The spaceship reuse is kind of ironic considering the Galactica was later shown on the cover of a Star Trek TNG novel...

  3. I saved our copy of that issue for many, many years before it finally disappeared. I've since picked up another on eBay, but I wish I had the tattered original. Even as a kid, I knew that wasn't the Galactica up there in the corner, but always thought it was a cool painting regardless...

  4. Beautiful work. It would make a great poster.