Monday, April 22, 2013

FLASH GORDON (1980) Italian Character Posters

Today we've got a selection of very cool Flash Gordon character posters from the 1980 Dino deLaurentis/Mike Hodges film starring Sam J. Jones and Max Von Sydow

These were sent to me by an anonymous Star Kid who didn't name the source or the artist, but they appear to be Italian in origin. As always, if anyone has more info (or better scans), please share!


  1. Those were issued in both poster size and lobby card size, if I recall. And the artist might well be Renato Casaro, who also did some of the other Flash Gordon posters.

  2. Those are just awesome! Flash is still one of my fav movies.

  3. Seems like the movie was much better received in Europe than it was in America.