Tuesday, March 16, 2010

GALACTICA 1980 TV Guide Advertisements

More vintage TV Guide ads, from my collection, for Galactica 1980. Can't say that ABC failed to promote this show, though the ads - as they're supposed to - promise a lot more adventure than the show actually provided.

Seriously, I know that this series is utter crap, and in fact, sinks to whole new depths of sci-fi crapitude, but still... I own it on DVD.

For one thing, I absolutely adored the original Battlestar Galactica when I was a kid and was friggin' traumatized when it was cancelled. I was further traumatized when the low-budgeted, kiddie-oriented spin-off, Galactica 1980 came about, because I missed damn near every episode! I never saw the three-part premiere (although I did eventually rent the truncated "movie version" on VHS) and only caught the ends of the next few episodes because my family never seemed to be home at 7:00 on Sunday nights.

I do remember seeing the Halloween episode (or the first part of the two-parter), "The Night The Cylons Landed," which introduced human-looking Cylons (long before the new series) and guest starred Wolfman Jack. My folks were visiting friends and to keep me occupied, I was sent into their rec room to watch TV.

But I never saw the final and best episode, "The Return of Starbuck," until Goodtimes Home Video released it on budget videotape in the mid-80's.

I did manage to clip and save these ads, though. Gotta admit, too, that I love seeing Lorne Greene posed like Superman in that first ad!


  1. An ignoble end for an otherwise great show...

  2. I remember reading in 'Starlog' that Issac Asimov was supposed to have written for the show. I wonder why it never happened?

  3. Weird, we were only discussing this series today and remembering how bad it was.

  4. The Cylons find Earth was a cool 2-parter.

    Also Galactica finding Earth was better than the ending of the new BSG.

  5. lol, i like this show, the plots were bad and so was the acting, but no worse than a lot of 70s & 80s shows