Saturday, March 13, 2010

GALAXINA (1980) Theatrical Posters

I reviewed the movie a while back. Here are two of the original theatrical one-sheets for the sci-fi spoof Galaxina, starring the late Dorothy Stratten (who also appeared as "Miss Cosmos" in the Buck Rogers episode "Cruise Ship to the Stars.")

The poster at top was painted by Robert Tanenbaum, who also painted posters for Battlestar Galactica.


  1. Galaxina was a hotty to be sure.

  2. Galaxina worth only by the presence of Dorothy Stratten -THE MOST GENETICALLY PERFECT HUMAN FEMALE IN THE WHOLE UNIVERSE!

    So special, so young, so pure, so innocent! And her stunning physical beauty : as beautiful as she was, she was an even sweeter person! Dorothy Stratten had real talent and magnetism and this is evident even when she had a weak material to work, as the script of Galaxina : she still had the subtlety of the look and the body movements ( his body was his art )! Dorothy Stratten was incredibly better than any of his films: she was a superb actress!

    ( Adriano Miranda- Franca-SP-Brazil - Film Historian and Professor )