Thursday, March 11, 2010

SPACE Saving

Well, I finally traded in my old Space:1999 DVDs for the Space 1999 - 30th Anniversary Edition Megaset (17DVD).

I know that they're the same transfers as the earlier release (and not the restored, remastered ones that UK fans got), and that the only improvement is the new stereo audio tracks -- but I really needed to make some room on my DVD shelves and this new set takes up only about a third of the space that the original A&E sets did. It's not as colorful, but...

I collect a lot of discs, and shelf space is really becoming an issue. Trading in my old discs at a local movie & music store (Bull Moose) and upgrading to the more compact set was one way to help make room for new discs (I recently did the same with my Farscape collection, as well).

Of course, this 30th Anniversary package also contains the bonus disc with the "Message From Moonbase Alpha" short film, still galleries, and the commentary tracks for three of the episodes, and I didn't have it before, so I got a little more out of the deal than just a bit more storage space. And Amazon had it on sale.

And it gives me an excuse to spin the series again. I have to "check the discs" after all. Want to make sure there's no problems or defects, right?


  1. The first season really was exceptional. One can only imagine how great it would have been in a modern series context with semi-episodic story lines, a "big bad", and overall season story arc. It's the one vintage show I'd love to see remade (as long as they kept the design look).

  2. Fitz said...
    "It's the one vintage show I'd love to see remade (as long as they kept the design look)."

    Really? Bellbottoms? :-(

    Year One was far superior to the dumbed-down Year Two. Not perfect by any stretch, but better.
    It had an "epic" feel and several eps ("Infernal Machine", "Testament of Arcadia", and "Last Enemy") that stood up to anything on Classic Trek. (Let's not get into "Space Brain"...)

    Tossing Bergman, Morrow, and Kano out an airlock without any explanation pissed me off no end.
    And where was Verdeschi during Year One?

    BTW, the Best Buy version of the first MegaSet had the Bonus Disc enclosed in a paper insert in the box.
    I found a site online with a jpg for a dvd cover for the Bonus Disc, printed it out and made my own "17th disc" amaray.

    You say the new set has stereo tracks?
    Wonder if the revised Thunderbirds MegaSet does, as well...

  3. Message From Moonbase Alpha was an interesting conclusion to the series.

  4. I just bought this boxed set as well, and am loving every second of revisiting this childhood favourite.

  5. Hell yes on the bellbottoms! :) Actually there was some famous 60s fashion designer who designed the season 1 "moon suit" costumes. I thought there were very neat - but weren't, uh, as flattering to the non-fit members of the cast as a business suit might have been. All the set pieces were culled from the very best designers at the time - many are very expensive now. There used to be a Website that detailed it all but I think it's gone dead.

  6. The original Alpha uniforms were designed by Rudi Gernreich, inventor of the topless bathing suit.
    He also appeared in an episode of the 1960s Batman ("Catwoman's Dressed to Kill") wearing a self-designed jacket that apparently served as the template for the Spectrum uniform jacket in "Captain Scarlet & the Mysterons" down to the pockets and big zipper (though he wasn't credited for it).

    When you said : "There used to be a Website that detailed it all but I think it's gone dead." weren't thinking of or , were you? ;-)

  7. I'd only like to see '1999' remade if it was done in the same spirit as Year 1. Turning it into a clone of Ronald Moore's 'B.S.G'. would just not appeal to me.