Sunday, March 7, 2010


Although I own at least five game consoles going back to the Sega Genesis, I really don't play many video games. For one thing, I suck at them. For another, if they're too hard, I just don't have any fun playing them. When I do buy a game, it's usually something that ties into some other franchise I enjoy (James Bond, The Simpsons, etc.)... but usually I end up sucking at those, too, and they sit on the shelf collecting dust.

My wife actually plays more games than I do, and is generally a lot better at them than I am. Dammit.

Anyway, the other day, we stopped by a video store that was going out of business, and picked up some used DVDs and a video game. I'd seen some "trailers" for the Lego Batman video game for the PlayStation 2, and it looked like fun, so we picked up a cheap used copy. After goofing around with it for the evening, I realized that the gameplay was simple enough even for me, and I loved the look and humor of the game. We went back to the store the next day looking for the Lego Indiana Jones game, but they'd sold 'em all.

So we grabbed the Lego Star Wars II game instead. I told my wife I only wanted it if it was the original Star Wars characters - and sure enough, "original" was right there in the title, so we bought it.

I'm really enjoying it. Gameplay is simple and straightforward and doesn't tax my already over-stressed cerebellum very much. It's cute and funny, and I really love that my wife and I can play it together at the same time, since it allows multiple characters in all modes.

I still plan on tracking down a cheap copy of the Lego Indiana Jones game one of these days, but right now, I'm very much enjoying running around the original SW universe, riding banthas, shooting stormtroopers, and cutting jawas in half with my lightsabre.


  1. LEGO Star Wars II absolutely ROCKS, so good choice.

    LEGO Indy, however, gets on my nerves a bit. I find parts of it to be really hard.

  2. Lego Star Wars II is the only video game that my daughter, my wife and I all enjoy and the only game we have for more than one platform.

  3. The great thing about the LEGO Star Wars series is that capture the flavour of the movies very well. My favourite moment is the intro movie before Mos Eisley. It had me in stitches.

  4. I heartily agree with all the above. I dare say LEGO Star Wars is the most Star Wars-y I've ever played.

  5. My seven year old daughter and I play this. We love it sooo much!

    (And I stink at most shooters, too.)