Friday, October 19, 2012

News: MESSAGE FROM SPACE (1978) on Netflix Instant

One of my favorite 70s space operas, Toei Studios' bizarre Message From Space, directed by Kinji Fukasaku, is currently available on Netflix Instant in the U.S.  If you haven't seen this high-spirited, special effects loaded Japanese take on Star Wars, I suggest checking out my review and the trailer before viewing the film.

Personally, I love the movie- but that is far from a universally-held opinion....

Sorry it's been so quiet around here lately. Hopefully, posting will pick up shortly.


  1. I just saw this earlier this year. As a lifelong Star Wars fan, I LOVED it!

  2. I remember seeing Message from Space at my local theatre as a kid, and then for years afterwards could never remember what the movie was called!
    Finally, I found out a while back by scouring the internet.
    The ship definitely stays in the memory.

  3. I let a few of my long distance friends know about this, because they have Netflix and I can't loan them my DVD. Maybe they'll finally see why I hype up the movie so much.

  4. It's unfortunate that they only carry the dubbed version. The original japanese is far superior.

  5. This movie absolutely ROCKS! I saw it in the theatre as a kid, and it was huge fun. Would love to see it again.

  6. Love this flick! Caught it for the first time on Showtime back when I was a kid. Weeks (or months) after the Showtime broadcasts, I was in a small local mom & pop hobby/craft store and much to my shock they had model kits of 2 of the main ships from the show. I can kick myself for mot buying those!!

  7. I bought this movie based on articles form this site and I was thrilled with it.

    1. I'm glad I was helpful in introducing this film to you - and even more glad that you like it!