Wednesday, October 31, 2012

ALIEN (1979) Action Figure Commercial

"Give up! Alien can't be beat!" Vintage TV spot for the Second Coolest Toy Ever!

Happy Halloween, Star Kids!

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  1. Awesome. I still have my Kenner Alien... I remember it being on clearance at Zellers around 1980.

    Managed to keep hold of the original skull dome, too. :)

  2. Regarding 'Alien: The Illustrated Story', Titan Books (based in the UK) has recently reissued it. Both as a paperback and hardcover. The hardcover reproduces scans of the original art boards, as if you were seeing them in person, before publishing. The paperback even has two different covers, the original cover and a more 'modern' looking one. Here is a link on their site:

    I don't see a listing for the version with the original cover, but I assure you it exists, as I have a copy of my own. Ask your local book shop to get you one!

  3. I still have mine in the box. I got him at JC Penney at Countryside Mall in Clearwater.

  4. I never got one, but this is just another toy that makes me scratch my head from a marketing point of view.

    Don't get me wrong, I love toys like these and owned them as a kid, but I also find it amusing that we constantly market toys for children that aren't even old enough to get into the movie that it's taken from :)

    I suppose cool toys market themselves and don't need any sort of reference to do so.


  5. I like how the kid is imitating the alien striking out with his teeth. Love these old commercials.

  6. Got one of the white box production samples not too long ago. Anybody know of a good glue to reattach cellophane to cardboard?