Thursday, August 9, 2012

FUTUREWORLD (1976) International Posters

Futureworld, American-International Pictures' 1976 sequel to MGM's Westworld may not have been as good as its precursor, nor as memorable, but it did have some striking advertising art.

The film, which had a pair of investigative reporters (portrayed by Peter Fonda and Blythe Danner) investigating the newly re-opened Delos android theme park (now, with added attraction, "Futureworld," simulating a trip to Mars!) had some potential, but the lack of story input by Westworld scribe Michael Crichton, combined with rather plodding direction by Richard T. Heffron, resulted in a fairly pedestrian sci-fi "thriller." Too bad. I love Westworld and the Delos concept....

Cool posters, though!


  1. I have nothing but love for "Futureworld." I actually saw it before "Westworld" when I was 11 years old the year it came out.

  2. I saw Futureworld only once. It was in the mid-80's not long after I saw Westworld. It wasn't as good as Westworld, but I liked. I remember finding the novelization of it and reading that too. For some reason the only book I found of Westworld had the script instead of being a novelization of the film. I like all the posters above. The bottom one looks like someone had some love for the Flash Gordon serials.

  3. Ha ha! Same as Wayne: saw FUTUREWORLD before WESTWORLD. I remember seeing FUTUREWORLD in a movie theatre in Cleveland. Probably had to ride my bike to the mall for it since I was a wee tot. I still love Fred Karlin's throbbing score for this. Ditto his music for MAN FROM ATLANTIS, which still lurks in my head.

  4. lol the last poster looks more like flash gordon than future world, did the artest ever watch the film. as iv said before i loved westworld for over 20 years and i did not know their was a sequel let alone a tv show. but im the proud owner of both movies on dvd.I do like future world a lot, even a little more than westwoorld