Saturday, August 25, 2012

R.I.P. Neil Armstrong. "We Come In Peace For All Mankind."


  1. Floored, I am. Just floored.

    At least he lived long enough to see and hear about humanity's first tentative steps on Mars. Rest in peace, Neil.

    1. I don't get it. "First tentative steps on Mars"? We've had and still have other rovers on Mars before. Not to mention the Viking landers that touched down 36 summers ago. These are hardly our first mechanized steps and we're nowhere near having actual human footsteps on Mars.

  2. RIP Neil.
    You can see Neil reflected in Buzz's helmet in the picture.
    Curiously Buzz took very few images that included Neil.
    So there simply aren't any ones of him comparable to this one of Buzz.

  3. This is sad. The world lost one of its greatest heroes. Rest in peace, Mr. Armstrong.

  4. Gone...but never, ever forgotten!

  5. When I was in 1st grade (1980) the Moon landing was still a very popular topic of disscussion in our classroom. We (as children) were told that by the time we hit the year 2000 that we would be flying all over the galaxy. It seemed as if even the scientist thought that was what was going to happen. Neil is and was and will remain a legend. Whenever we do achieve interstellar space flight it will most certainly be called "The Age of Armstrong".